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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Professional Web Site help in promoting/spreading my Business?
A professional Web site can help you to overcome the limited reach of traditional print and broadcast media, & make it possible for you to reach a truly wide spread and diverse audience throughout the world. Through this you can get the most value from the marketing materials you’ve already created by making them easily accessible to your site’s users. You can deliver updated data sheets, frequently asked questions(FAQs), press releases that interest site users. Once that information is obtained, content can be customized to match the specific preferences of individual users.We can track the paths that users travel through the site and then use that data to provide updates, offers, and promotions that are relevant to their needs, as well as to home site content to better address its audience’s interests.
What is a domain name?
After your website has been designed and created, you will need to place it on a computer system called a server. The server “hosts” your website which means it supplies a secure location for it and enables people to access it.
How do I set up email addresses using my domain name?
We will work with your hosting company to set up addresses such as info@your-domain-name.com. We will also assist you in setting up your computer to receive emails sent to your new email addresses ?
What is website hosting?
A domain name is the unique address of a website on the world wide web. It consists of a unique descriptive name followed by “.com”, “.edu”, “.org”,”.net”,etc. Originally, “.com” was used to indicate a commercial website and “.edu” was used to indicate an educational institution. The “.edu” ending has essentially retained its original meaning, but “.com” is now a catch-all and has been added to for commercial use by “.biz”, “.cc”, “.info”, etc
How can I help my business gain more customers from the Internet?
Drason Amigos combines four critical services to help you win more customers through the Internet. These include professional web design, professional copy writing, web development based on web standards and “best practices,” and effective online marketing that utilizes search engine optimization (SEO), social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Etc.) and email marketing. Customers will find your website by searching on top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Once they are on your website, your design creates a strong first impression that tells them you aren’t a fly-by-night operation. Next, they are pulled in by professional copy writing that was written specifically to answer their questions and help them make an immediate decision to contact you or make a purchase. Finally, we create easy-to-use forms that make contacting your company or making a purchase very simple.
How can I get a website developed by you?
Once you have decided on having your professional web site done by us, just just call on the number of executive on the Drason Amigos home page or fill up the quote form on the home page. where you can convey all the details that we need for our first meeting of your Website development. In the first meeting we will show a demo layout of your web site, and the probable Costing of the site development. Once we get a confirmation from you, a demo of your proposed site will be made and it will be hosted on our server within 3 days. Once you approve the demo, the site will be made fully functional and will be uploaded on the server space taken for you. & it will be SEO friendly.
So How Much is This Going to Cost?
Very nice question. Everyone is unique in; therefore, everyone’s design requirements will be a little or some what different. In any event, it will cost you much less than you think. The price will depend on what you want from us to create for you. We believe that in order to create truly custom-made professional web sites for our clients, we need to be flexible. That’s why we avoid “locking in” design cost. Together, we can decide what is the best solution and price for you, and we will create a price from there Your Web Services design package gets you a professional web site which serves as international advertising, your own domain name (which means, in English, that you have your own personalized address, www.your-company-name.com, where your-company-name is whatever you want), your own email addresses, and one year’s worth of hosting with most design packaging all probably less than you’re paying for local advertising every month !
Payment Policy !!
We receive 50% of your estimated total as a deposit prior to beginning work and balance in two equal installments. We accept only offline payment method by cash or deposit in the bank. The final payment is due immediately upon completion of the project and before the completed work is handed over to you.We completely guarantee our design work. After viewing the initial design draft(s), if you are not satisfied and wish to discontinue work on the site, we will refund 70% of your deposit.
Can I run a business on Webs?
Absolutely! Hundreds of thousands of small businesses use Webs for their websites. Whether it’s a simple business site or a full fledged online store, you can do it here. We also offer Premium Services like the ability to register a custom domain name (like yourname.com) to put a truly professional finish on your site.
When should I consider redesigning my website?
The decision to redesign your website is similar to the decision to remodel or renovate your home. When you recognize a need for improvement, either because you aren’t comfortable with the look of your website or it isn’t bringing in as many visitors as you’d like, you need to seriously consider having your website redesigned. For more information, mail us at info@drasonamigos.com
What about using fancy animation?
Fancy animation does nothing to help people find your website by means of search engines; they ignore the fancy bells and whistles and concentrate on the information content. A few people may be impressed with fancy animation but others who are looking for information find it annoying. In addition, fancy animation usually causes slow response which is another source of annoyance and frustration to your visitors.
What if I Have More Questions?.

Well, by all means, ask! You can call us directly ( +91-9870882597) or else Contact us by emailing us at info@drasonamigos.com call us on the contact number on home page..