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Website Development

We develop websites that suits the requirements of every business individual. A website may be more of information oriented, or to display products or probably even sell them. Based on such business requirements, we have our casket filled with almost all sorts of technically suitable websites for different commercial purposes.

Flash Development

A Flash animation is basically developed to add liveliness and create user interests. A Flash banners or flash intros are basically used in a website to convey the business philosophy or to present the products details. A picture speaks a thousand words, so imagine what a video speaks, and this is what a website needs to do, explain more in less time.

Graphics Development

We develop graphics like logos, banners and brochure for business organizations, in the most creative level possible . A website may require a graphic element to be embedded in it which may be a banner which mentions about a particular special offer or some other stuffs. Such technicalities are handles by us in the best possible manner.


Search Engine Optimization

We offer search engine optimizations of two kinds, namely on-page and off-page optimizations. On-page optimization deals with working out within your webpages and enriching it with keywords, so that the website contents get easily listed in the popular search engines. Off-page optimization involves, popularizing your website and its products/services on directories, communities, forums and other such platforms.

Website Application Development

We develop almost all sorts of web based softwares, which can be used for online database management and also to increase visitor interactivity over the website. We also develop such web applications which will be accessable to a selected few registered users (clients/employees) only. Development of a few calculators, analysis tools, data recovery manager etc can also be developed by us.

E-commerce Development

A website which is used to carry out an online transaction is known as an ecommerce website. Using the website you can display various products in different categories as well as update them on a periodic basis using an administrative control panel. You can provide the customers a user account for which they can register and carryout an online transaction and also generate invoices of the transactions carried out.


E-Catalogue Designing

We create catalogues which are of downloadable formats (.pdf) as well as create interactive catalogues which gives the virtual experience of reading through a company catalogue. Such interactive catalogues have an advantage over simple downloadable catalogues, as it successfully grabs visitor's attention and is easily navigatable, besides you can embed galleries in it, a perfect fit for a product catalogue.

Website Hosting & Registration

We offer Web Hosting (Windows or Linux) and Registration packages with or without the website development services. Most of the companies who require mailing ids to be created with their company's name in it, often opt to register their company 's domain name and purchase a hosting space, which enables them to create & use their company's email ids (eg. We help you out with such ventures.

Website Maintenance

After the website is developed it needs to be maintained on a periodic basis, so that, visitors can come across new data of a business organization, everytime they visit the website. A poorly updated website is almost similar to the situation of having no website, because such websites often doesn't make a good impact on the visitors. So the ultimate solution is to update your website on a periodic basis.

Performance Skills

Website Design 90%
Ecommerce Websites 85%
Graphic Design 90%
WordPress 85%
Joomla And Other CMS Systems 85%
Flash 90%